2024 MET Gala: Awaken Your Tablescape with Lola Valentina

The Met Gala’s 2024 theme, “Garden of Time,” celebrates the opening night for the 2024 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fashion exhibit, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Inspired by this exploration of fashion’s history and its potential for renewal, Lola Valentina invites you to awaken your own tablescapes with 16 vibrant pattern collections, each a unique expression of beauty, nature, and timeless design.

This year’s Met Gala exhibition will showcase over 250 significant pieces in fashion history that are too fragile to ever be worn again. The pieces in the exhibit will be sorted into three subthemes, land, sea, and sky, based on the materials that make up each garment. 

Taking inspiration from the biggest night in fashion, Lola Valentina reimagines your table as a canvas, ready to be transformed into a captivating dreamscape. Many of Lola Valentina’s Linen and Event rental collections are also designs with themes of nature and timeless design just like this year’s Gala theme. As we get excited to see the celebrity looks that walk the red carpet in May, let’s reflect on some of the incredible fashion moments from years prior to inspire planners creating their own events to be just as memorable as the Met Gala!

Inspired by Land and Nature:

Delve into the lush greens and earthy tones of our Amazonica or Garden collections, echoing the verdant beauty of nature. Let the Flor Collection’s delicate florals add a touch of whimsy, and our Metamorphic collection that illustrates the transformation of natural stone. Jasmine Tookes dazzled the red carpet in a dramatic hunter green dress reminiscent of the dark and moody Hunter Green Botanical pattern from the Amazonica collection in 2022. While Anne Hathaway and Michelle Yeoh have had iconic looks that closely resemble the shifting of earth formations in the Metamorphic Ebru patterns. For a bold and vibrant pattern look no further than drawing inspiration from Anna Wintour’s iconic Oscar de la Renta dress from 2021 that closely resembles the bold blooms that make up the Ivory Botanical Garden.

Inspired by the Sea:

Dive into the calming blues and nautical hues of our Mediterranean collection, reminiscent of the cool serenity of the ocean. Imann Hammann wore an ethereal blue that closely resembles the tranquil movement of the French Blue Watercolor Jacquard pattern on the red carpet in 2022. The Mars Pattern’s unexpected color combinations reflect a kaleidoscope of color found in a coral reef and the Kardashian’s looks in 2019 could be the sea anemones or perhaps they are aliens found in one of Mars’ ancient oceans.  The Blairmorite pattern’s organic details evoke movement on a boundless expanse of water just as Janet Mock’s 2021 Valentina Was look was designed to inspire light reflecting off of water. Blake Lively’s iconic 2017 Versace dress transforms her into a golden goddess walking through the shallows on the Amalfi Coast just as effortlessly chic as the Navy Como pattern.

Inspired by the Sky:

Reach for the stars with the celestial motifs of our Cosmos collection, or embrace the sunset warmth of our Oriental collection. Amanda Gorman dazzled the red carpet like a star in the night sky with her 2021 royal blue Vera Wang dress just as the star glistens in the Midnight Stellar pattern. Rihanna’s most iconic Met Gala look, the Gao Pei yellow gown, reminds of golden sunshine rays  and the oriental influence matches the Gold Ginkgo pattern in color and theme. Gigi Hadid’s ethereal butterfly wing inspired gown perfectly reflects the Butterfly Collection’s delicate wings that dance across any tablescape just like they fly through the sky. Just as the sun begins to set with a fiery sunset Blake Lively steps on the iconic met steps in shades of crimson mirroring the shifting shades of the Solar flare pattern.

Incorporate Met Gala inspiration into your next event with Lola Valentina’s unique patterns and awaken your next event’s potential. The beauty of Lola Valentina’s collections lie in their versatility. Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors to create a tablescape that reflects your unique vision. 

Visit our website today at www.lolavalentina.com to explore our full collection and start planning your own Met Gala inspired tablescape! We hope this blog post has inspired you to create a magical tablescape for your next event. With Lola Valentina, the possibilities are endless! 

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