Holiday Table Decor Guide

When planning the perfect table setting for your Holiday gatherings, create a timeless yet modern look by using patterned linens to compliment the decor elements you already have. Design a color story that ties together furniture elements, table accessories, and decor elements to set the table and the scene for your guests. At Lola Valentina we are here to provide all of your patterned decor elements and bring your entertaining plans to the next level.

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Just in time for the upcoming social season, we have added a new Plaid pattern to our Plaid Collection. Introducing Mod Plaid. Our new 17 Mod Plaid prints compliment and can be paired with our existing prints in the Plaid Collection or stand out on their own. Our meticulously selected hues and color combinations are the details in these designs that will elevate your tablescapes and always impress your guests. Take a look below for some inspiration and how we chose to curate unique table settings with the new Mod Plaid print patterns.

Terracotta Mod Plaid

Terracotta and Burnt orange make up the hues in the Terracotta Mod Plaid creating a slightly nostalgic or vintage visual aesthetic. To add a touch of unique modernity we styled this table linen print with our Orchid Bloom Burnt Orange Mod Plaid napkin and Burnt Orange Checkerboard placemat charger. Mix in some organic, playful candles, and a mid century-modern chair and you have a welcoming tablescape that all of your guests will love.

Loden Mod Plaid

Loden is a unique green tone that offers an overall feeling of peace and calm. For this design we wanted to highlight the beauty of the tones in the Loden Mod Plaid table linen by placing solid Loden placemat chargers and napkins for a monochromatic tablescape. We accessorized this table with earth tone neutral dishware and organic candles to emphasize the rigidity of the all over plaid.  

Teal Mod Plaid

The Teal Mod Plaid table linen allows several options to mix and match with other plaid patterns in our Plaid Collection. We took this opportunity to pair it with the Denim Highland Plaid placemat chargers for a maximal table scape. Mixing two blue tone plaids works well especially when placing a complimentary tone solid Burnt Orange napkin from our Colour Collection on top. While blue tones often elicit a feeling of tranquility, this punchy tablescape is sure to inspire a lively evening for both you and your guests.

Rose Violet Mod Plaid

To evoke a playful and energetic table setting we chose to lean into the maximalist aesthetic and style three different plaid patterns together in one look. With the Rose Violet Highland Plaid as the main table linen we placed Loden Highland Plaid Placemat Chargers to compliment the linen while standing out on top. Next, we placed Rose Violet Mod Plaid Napkins atop each setting allowing variety in scale to ensure visual interest anywhere your guests look. To complete this look we added a variety of jewel-tone candles, vases and even bespoke toile style china to reiterate: there is no such thing as too much when designing!

Caramel Black Mod Plaid

Caramel is the perfect hue to add warmth and sophistication to a neutral palette. The Caramel Black Mod Plaid table brings an air of sophistication to the table while keeping visual interest and excitement. Mix a bold Black Plaid Placemat Charger with alternating carmel and black solid napkins for a balanced setting. Style with organic shape candles and vases for the ultimate modern and elevated look.

Blush Mod Plaid

Bold and feminine, the blush Mod Plaid balances both feelings of passion and power. This tablescape immediately draws attention and welcomes guests with two blush plaid pattern scales, and the option for several napkin patterns to go with the look. The Blush Red Mod Plaid ties all of the design elements together in a luxurious yet approachable way. Style with mismatched chairs, jewel-tone candles, and pink cocktails for best results.

Light Blue Mod Plaid

Whether in a coastal setting, alpine setting, or in the middle of a city, light blue is a color as versatile as the changing skies. Often intuitive to design with, in most settings, we have set the tablescape with the Light Blue Mod Plaid linen, solid Light Blue Placemat Chargers, and a French Blue Mini Gingham napkin. This monochrome table setting will welcome guests calmly with neutral glassware, and subtle moments of design details to impress all who are seated here.

At Lola Valentina we are always working to design patterns that immediately give visual impact when used as decor for any event in any space. Our Plaid Collection is a great place to start when creating a table setting for Fall or Winter. Check out our full plaid collection and our other pattern collections for endless options to mix and match for all of your event decor needs.

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