Planning a Butterfly Event

Just as butterflies emerge anew from their jewel-tone chrysalis’s each season, butterfly motifs are back and trending in design popularity now more than ever before.

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Butterflies have captivated our society from the beginning of human history. Since tomb paintings in Egypt all the way up until modern times with exhibitions such as Damien Hirst’s controversial installations, butterflies have always held our attention.

In most recent history butterfly motifs often conjure up visual memories of early 2000’s pop artists. Today, pop artists and fashion designers are referencing back to these early 2000s artists taking the symbolism that comes with butterfly imagery and bringing it into the 2020s. We saw Dua Lipa inspired by Christina Aguilera’s iconic dress from the 2000 Grammys at the 2021 VMA’s and not long after we saw her team up with Versace for a beautiful butterfly and polka dot ready-to-wear collection entitled “La Vacanza” for Summer 2023. With major influences like these iconic fashion houses and top-charting pop artists keeping butterfly designs and patterns fresh in our mind, it’s the perfect time to grab your butterfly catching net and keep these ideas at hand for decor at your next big event. 

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In this blog we will share the backstory for creating our popular Butterfly collection, inspiration for incorporating butterfly patterns and designs into your next event’s decor, and introduce Lola Valentina’s latest additions to their most popular collection, the Butterfly collection

Introducing The Butterfly Co.

Lola Valentina teamed up with The Butterfly Co. to create a collection of unique and timeless butterfly patterns. Both Lola Valentina and The Butterfly Co. are companies based in Chicago, IL and similarly take inspiration from all over the world for their products. The Butterfly Co. sources their insects from many different countries for collectors and artists and Lola Valentina provides unique designs inspired by travel, nature, and bold color for table linen rental and event decor. This collab was a perfect match and resulted in beautiful, vibrant butterfly patterns for table linens, napkins, placemat chargers, table runners, and pillows ready for your next event.

The Butterfly Company

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Incorporating Butterflies Into Your Event

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Incorporating butterfly patterns into your event decor or as an overall theme is the perfect way to create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. The visual energy a butterfly pattern exudes allows an air of liviless to permeate through an event space even before the guests arrive. Set the scene with Lola Valentina’s Morphini patterns and pick from the many color combinations they offer. Playful butterfly wings flutter throughout this design in every direction and there’s a color perfect for every event’s color palette.

Butterflies For the Fall

Butterfly trends come back every season rendering them everlasting and timeless. In addition to being timeless and practically trend proof, butterfly designs also work in every season. Often symbols of change and rebirth, butterflies are the perfect design motif for event decor as the seasons change.

Decor for fall or autumn is often seen as darker warm tones with red, oranges, and green throughout. A unique take on autumnal decor would be to incorporate dark and moody butterfly motifs throughout.  The Lola Valentina Black Butterflies pattern is perfect for setting an enchanting and inviting tablescape for fall. Complete with tall candlestick centerpieces and a place to gather with all of your friends creates this inviting space. Incorporating butterfly patterns to decor is the perfect way to bring nature and color together for an added touch of whimsy or bold color statement at any point in the year.

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In addition to using butterfly patterns and prints for your table decor, linens, chargers, napkins, and runners, another idea to add to the decor theme could be adding oversized centerpieces of whimsical tree branches in a vase with faux butterflies clipped on throughout. Butterflies are playful by nature so don’t be afraid to unlock your inner child when designing your next event’s decor. Striking the right balance of vintage, nostalgic butterfly motifs in a modern and creative way throughout all of your event decor is the key to success this year when it comes to event design.

Lola Valentina Butterfly Patterns

New Additions to our Butterfly Collection

The Lola Valentina team is always adding new exciting collections to their rental decor inventory. This month they are re-launching their collaboration with the Butterfly Co. by adding new vibrant patterns to their  in-house butterfly collection. Have a look through their 18 new beautiful designs with bold colors and whimsical variations ready to wow guests at your next event.


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13 new colors

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