Blue Rose Pink Orchid

Pattern swatch shown is 30″ scale.

All  patterns can be printed on 

  • Standard or custom-cut linens
  • 13 inch glass placemat
  • 4 inch glass coaster (purchase only)

Available in these fabrics:

Basic Polyester Cotton Spun Lola Linen Velvet

About the design

The fierce spirit of the Amazon rainforest is wholly captured in this collection. Inspired by brave color, curious botanicals, wild animals and the warrior women who lived and fought for their land. The Amazonica collection is a blend of natural beauty touched with a designer’s eye.

This orchid pattern in particular was inspired by one of the most beautiful and diverse plants in the world which represents love, luxury, beauty, and strength. We chose to use bold colors with this pattern to reflect the bold dimension of women in our society today.

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