Coral Gridded

Pattern swatch shown is 30″ scale.

All  patterns can be printed on 

  • 13 inch glass placemat 
  • 4 inch glass coaster (purchase only)

Available in these fabrics:

Basic Polyester Cotton Spun Lola Linen Velvet

About the design


A lovely basis of modern design, the Geometrico collection honors classic mid-century modern forms, lines and simple shapes assembled in a fresh and clean arrangement that makes everything old appear new again. Geo, in particular, was inspired by old school floor tiles.

After completing a few sketches of geometric shapes including squares, rectangles, triangles, polygons, hexagons, diamonds, and pyramids the sketches were placed in tile formats. To add some uniqueness to the design, terrazzo was added to the shapes. Designing the terrazzo was a fun process wherein sugar was melted on a baking pan and broken with a hammer.

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