Malachite Annie

Pattern swatch shown is 30″ scale.

All  patterns can be printed on 

  • Standard or custom-cut linens
  • 13 inch glass placemat
  • 4 inch glass coaster (purchase only)

Available in these fabrics:

Basic Polyester Cotton Spun Lola Linen Velvet

About the design

Inspired by the Southern cities of Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans, our Southern Charm Collection is designed to create heirloom treasures at your events for years to come.

Imagine the warm breeze envelopes you as the smell of sweet fragrant florals transport you to streets lined with grand manor homes. Here you’ll find history in the cracks and sun dappled gardens hidden behind wrought iron gates. Listen close and hear sounds of horse drawn carriages on cobblestones as church bells toll in the distance. Don’t forget an ice cold sweet tea to combat the heat.

Let the slow southern pace allow you to stop and stay a while as you look through our latest collection.