12 Event Planning Apps & Tools You Need to Know About

Event planning is a complicated and time-consuming process. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a conference, or a birthday party, tackling every item on an event planning to-do list takes a lot of effort. 

Fortunately, there are lots of event planning apps and party planning tools that you can use to help make it easier to plan all types of events. We’ve rounded up a few of the best event planning apps available today that you can use to plan your next event.

Apps to Manage Ticket Sales, Registration, and Payments

If you are selling tickets to the event, requiring attendees to register, or taking payments at any point, use these apps to automate the process.


Eventbrite is one of the most popular event planning apps available today. With Eventbrite, you can sell tickets to in-person or virtual events, monitor ticket sales and guest check-ins, and host interactive virtual events.

This app works on a fee system, and you can choose to absorb the fees and pay them out of your ticket revenue or simply forward the costs along to attendees. You can integrate Eventbrite with software like Zoom, create unlimited ticket types (i.e., general admission, VIP), and host ticket sales on your own website.

As the world’s largest event marketplace, Eventbrite is a powerful ticket management platform for event planners.



Square is a payment processing tool that safely and securely processes data from credit card transactions.

Instead of requiring cash at festival booths, drink stands, or merchandise tables, you can set up Square to accept credit card payments. This cashless option makes it easier for attendees to make purchases at your event.


Square offers a wide variety of business tools in addition to the payment processing software, but even the smallest of businesses and events are taking advantage of cashless payments.



Regpack is an online registration software application. With Regpack, you can collect event registrations, accept online payments, customize registration flows and forms, allow for group registrations, and get feedback from event attendees. Other integrated tools, like automated emails and discounts, simplify other tasks and make the event planning process even smoother.


This app makes it easy for your guests to register and pay for the event. 


04 Oveit

Oveit is a payment and registration solution for event planners. With this app, you can sell tickets online, manage attendee registrations, and accept in-person cashless payments. It’s especially popular for events that have a high volume of individual vendors, like festivals, markets, and conventions.


Event Marketing Tools

How will you market your upcoming event? 

Some events, like weddings or galas, have restricted guest lists. Others are open to the public, like community-based events, festivals, and parties, so you need to get the word out. These apps can help.


With Localist, you can create a simple events calendar that matches your website’s branding and share it with your community. It consolidates your organization’s many events into one calendar and uses landing pages to boost awareness of the events among your local community.


Registration and guest lists are built into the software, so you can streamline the entire event registration and ticket selling process—all while making it more likely the public will discover and attend your event.



Splash is an event marketing platform for both live and virtual events. With this event planning app, you can capture data to build robust profiles of your attendees, launch and scale event programs, seamlessly check-in guests, and discover real-time insights. 


Splash makes it easy to design custom landing pages and emails that match your brand and boost your event marketing efforts. This combination of data and design makes Splash a great option for anyone looking to market events quickly and effectively. 


Guest Check-In and Seating Apps

These event planning apps are focused on the guest check-in and seating experience. You can use the tools in this category to manage seating charts, create guest lists, and make sure the check-in experience is seamless for your attendees.

And of course, after you decide how guests will check-in and where they will sit, consider how to create an unforgettable tablescape with custom table linens, napkins, and other decorative elements.


Social Tables makes it easy for event planners to manage seating, meals, check-ins, and more. With its check-in software, you can access your full attendee list and make last-minute edits to your guest list. The seating software allows you to create accurate seating chart diagrams—if you want to move someone’s seat, you can use the simple drag-and-drop interface.


Additionally, you can use Social Tables to create virtual venue tours and event diagrams. It’s easier than ever to visualize your event space.


Zkipster is a guest list management app that handles everything from online invitations and event check-in to guest lists and seating arrangements. Made for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, this software is a great option if you want to create online invitations and a seamless check-in process.



With Boomset, you can create a quick and easy check-in experience for your guests. Boomset allows you to manage on-site check-ins, redeem vouchers, keep track of attendance, and print badges. And a more efficient check-in process means shorter lines and less of a wait for anyone wanting to enter your party.


Boomset also offers attendance reports and event demographics based on check-in data.


10 TopTablePLANNER

What’s the easiest way to arrange a seating plan for your guests? Using an app like TopTablePlanner to design your floor plan.

TopTablePlanner’s software allows you to drag-and-drop tables and guests as you build your floor plan.


Seating can be arranged in rows or around tables, depending on the type of event you are planning, and you can easily add and remove items like gift tables, buffet areas, and dance floors.

Tied into the seating arrangement data is the guest list itself, so you can attach meal preferences, RSVP status, and more to each attendee.


All-in-One Event Planning Platforms

For professional event planners or anyone who regularly coordinates and manages large scale events, consider purchasing a subscription to an all-in-one event planning platform. These tools are designed to streamline the event planning process from start to finish. 


Planning Pod is a powerful, all-in-one event management software built for event planners and venues. It offers a suite of event planning and registration tools to manage everything from seating charts and venue bookings to ticket sales and attendee profiles.


With Planning Pod, you can track hundreds of events in real-time and access every detail throughout the entire event lifecycle.



Cvent is an event management platform built for events of all types and sizes. Whether you are planning an in-person, online, hybrid, or webinar event, you can use Cvent to manage the event from start to finish.


It has options for automating a wide selection of tasks and campaigns, including checking-in attendees, managing meeting requests, and promoting your brand.

Using Cvent means you have everything you need to plan and manage your event in one centralized place. 


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