Modern & Edgy Weddings – Ideas & Inspiration for Your Big Day

Modern weddings are a great option for unique couples that crave all things contemporary, edgy, and eccentric. For modern-themed weddings, this can mean simple stationery, unique wedding flowers, and a cool wedding venue that steps outside of traditional—but it can also mean anything you want it to! So, let’s take a closer look at modern weddings, modern marriage traditions, and some modern and edgy wedding themes and décor ideas. Whether you’re drawn to modern minimalism or high-fashion and edgy, we’ve got the décor, tips, and inspiration you need.


Modern weddings present a fresh and fashionable aesthetic.A wedding style like this is high on style, no matter how minimalist or experimental it might be. Typically, modern weddings are sleek, elegant, sophisticated, and refined— featuring a monochromatic color palette, trendy florals, geometric shapes, and simple décor.


Weddings have always been driven by traditions. However, weddings are meant to reflect the couple and to celebrate their unique love—and not all couples are traditional. Here are some new wedding trends that are growing in popularity:

Yellow Pattern
Green Pattern
Blue Pattern
  • Wedding schemes with numerous colors or varying hues
  • Micro weddings, elopements, and destination weddings
  • Having the venue set more like a concert style – where projections and lighting can be used with our patterns
  • Unplugged ceremonies and receptions
  • Non-traditional wedding cakes
  • Alternative registries like a honeymoon fund for couples that already have a complete kitchen
  • Dogs incorporated into the ceremony
  • Having electric guitarist or some sort instead of pianist or violinist 
  • Simple, minimalist wedding dresses all the way to chic, dramatic, and colored or non-white wedding dresses
  • Ceremony can be shortened and more free – it should be more fun and party vibe 
  • Bridesmaids can mix and match with the dresses so its more stylish 
  • Having different style bouquets 
  • High minded – incorporate drinks with marijuana/CBD or something trending for bars 
  • Sparklers
  • Hire servers in fun outfits 
  • Little pop-up booths – customize bouquets to take home/dessert pop-ups/ice cream booth etc.
  • No bouquet toss
  • Table service not open-eating – like a bottle service
  • Drink pairing for meals
  • Electric invitations – also our pattern can be used 
  • Mixologists instead of bartenders – young cute men 
  • Charity funds/vacations/dining/new home fund in the wedding registry
  • Bold / Dark colors

The idea behind all of these modern marriage traditions? Do what you want! Ditch traditions if they don’t suit you; it’s your day!


If you’re all about clean, elegant, and chic design, check out these wedding themes, venues, and décor ideas to inspire your own wedding and put your unique spin on modern and edgy weddings. 


Your wedding theme should be personal and reflect the two of you, as a couple. With that being said, here are some popular, modern wedding themes to help set the tone for your big day:

  • Beach wedding theme
  • Monochromatic theme – everything in same color spectrum
  • Minimalist theme 
  • Travel theme – invitation looks like a passport etc. 
  • Throwback theme 
  • Butterfly theme 
  • Art gallery theme
  • Fashion show theme  
  • Classic Film theme
  • Pop Culture theme 
  • Pool party theme
  • Scandinavian theme
  • Botanical theme 

For more wedding theme inspiration, check out our recent blog on wedding themes for 2022 and get advice from top wedding planners.

Themed patterns are available in multiple applications:





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The venue itself is often the focal point and visual focus for a modern-style wedding, so other wedding decor can be clean and simple. However, some modern weddings go bold and edgy with the details and decor, like black and white colors with vibrant flowers or boho linens with an abundance of greenery. Whatever vibe you are going for, here are some modern and edgy wedding venue ideas:

  • Museums
  • Rooftops
  • Nightclubs
  • Breweries or distilleries 
  • Wineries or vineyards
  • Industrial buildings
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Historic sites, homes, or mansions
  • Restaurants
  • Country clubs
  • Vacation rentals
  • Swanky lofts
  • Old warehouses
  • Former factories
  • Beaches or waterfront spaces
  • Boats or yachts 
  • Botanical gardens
  • Local, state, or national parks
  • Backyards
  • Colleges or universities
  • Sports stadiums
  • Cafes and bars


Modern wedding décor can be kept simple and minimal or go bold, edgy, and eccentric. Here are a few modern and edgy wedding décor ideas for your special day:

  • Modern and edgy wedding invitations with bold text set against a minimal design
  • Mismatched bridal party
  • Vines, leaves, and other greenery as centerpieces 
  • Combination of dried and fresh floral arrangements 
  • Monochrome color palette
  • Gold accents with neutral palette
  • Crisp white and black walls and accents
  • Simple and minimal backdrops
  • Geometric patterns and shapes with bold colors
  • Geometric patterns and shapes with bold colors
  • Use of multiple different flower varieties, textures, and heights
  • Champagne towers and other fun, unique cocktails that match your color palette
  • Modern and edgy wedding cake design
  • Unique, non-traditional flatware and glassware
  • Minimal tables for a fresh and modern look
  • Bold candles for a modern romantic feel
  • Custom tabletop décor and table linens

Whatever vision you have for your modern and edgy wedding, the décor options are endless!

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