4 Color Trends to Inspire Your Next Event

Color is a nonverbal language. It can connect people from different races, religions, histories, and civilizations—across the globe. Each color has meaning and can represent different ideas or statements. And, of course, colors can either complement or work in contrast. With just the right event color palette, you can tell a story, share a message, and create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests. Take a look at color trends to get inspiration for your event color scheme.

Top Color Trends in 2023/2024

01 Keep It Minimalist with Neutrals

Less is more is the guiding principle of minimalism.

Minimalism is about paring down a design to its core components and accepting its inherent flaws. The aesthetic is frequently referred to as one of enjoying the imperfections of beauty, similar to the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi.

A neutral color palette returns us to our flawed, inherently beautiful state. The result? Airy, open, beautiful spaces with plenty of natural light.

Neutrals are a great backdrop to any design, but you’re not stuck with shades of white. Grays, wood tones, black, taupe, beige, and browns can all be part of a minimalist palette. For just a bit of color, you can also add some muted accent colors like green, blush pink, or blue to add a bit of vibrancy to the calming atmosphere.

Start with neutral linens and tabletop décor such as candles, placemats or chargers, and flowers to set the scene.


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection

02 Go Back to Your Roots with Naturals

In this new era, social interactions have evolved from what they once were. Many of us have retreated back into our four walls, separating us from the outside. And the more we are isolated from nature, the more we crave it. We seek grounding stability, a sense of equilibrium, and Mother Earth.

That’s why natural colors are such a popular design trend this year—and likely will be for years to come.

You can focus on nature-inspired colors or mix a few shades into your overall color scheme.

Bringing natural elements in with patterns like our Green Botanical table linen or Terrazzo table napkin is another great way to bring your interior spaces back to your roots.


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection

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03 Embrace the Bold with Maximalism

With maximalism, more is more!

Think eclectic styles, fun patterns, and bright colors. Maximalism embodies bold prints, saturated hues, and the idea that traditionally clashing visuals can coexist as one. While vibrant colors draw attention, the focal point becomes indistinguishable.

Curating maximalist settings with statement patterns, eccentric centerpieces, and vivid colors creates a sense of belonging.

Don’t be afraid to use color, and multiples of them. You don’t have to worry about them matching – throw together a pattern or multiples.  It’s an opportunity to design with no rules. 

And don’t forget about patterns and textures! There’s no limit to design withpattern mixing. Try pairing checkerboard placemats with Lavender Ebru napkins or grid patterns with eye-catching colors.

Under maximalism, everything and everyone is welcome.


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection

04 Get Inspiration from the Digital Landscape with Phigital

In this ever-evolving age of technology, the lines between digital and physical have become blurred. This in-between is known as “phigital”—not a gray space but rather an endless landscape of opportunity.

Phigital is a recently coined term for the interconnected relationship between the physical and digital worlds. As the separation between these worlds evaporates, more and more design and color trends are paying attention.

Electric grid patterns and dreamlike horizons take influence from the past to a phigital future.

Construct physical spaces inspired by digital aspects by using pastel Geo textiles with Art Deco Havana patterns to move into a state of retro futurism.


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection


Colour Collection

How to Incorporate Color Trends into Your Event Décor

Once you determine your event color palette, it’s time to incorporate your event colors into the décor. There are so many different ways you can add color to your decorations, venue, and more. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Garden Butterfly Pink Green Tabletop Decor

The tablescape is the center of any well-designed event. Your table linens and decorations establish your color scheme—from just one glance at your table, your guests should be able to identify your event theme and feel the atmosphere you want to create.

Garden Green Tabletop Decor

Start with the tablecloth or table linens. These items are a backdrop for your other table design elements, including your place settings, centerpieces, and chargers or placemats.

Garden Green Tabletop Decor

Next comes a table runner, which adds texture, color, and layers to your tablescape. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate one of your accent colors or patterns.

Garden Green Tabletop Decor

Top off your tablescape design with custom napkins to bring just a touch of color to your table. They are a functional way to add bright and rich colors to your overall design.

Add a Pop of Color with Floral Arrangements 

Flowers, greenery, and other floral elements are an excellent way to incorporate color trends into your event décor.

hot pink-red-table linen-napkin

For a calming minimalist look, choose monochromatic floral arrangements, and for a bright maximalist vibe, select multiple blooms. A nature-inspired color scheme may include dried florals and branches, and to create a digital-inspired atmosphere, look for flower arrangements with sharp angles, tall vases, and striking blooms.

Use Color to Define Areas of Your Venue

Whether you’re hosting an event in your backyard, in a garden, on the beach, or in a conference room, you can use color to designate event spaces and tell a cohesive story. 

Green Table Linen and Pillows

For example, hang colorful drapes or cloth to section off areas. Additionally, add custom pillows to lounge areas to invite guests to rest up.

Bring Color Trends to Life with Custom Event Décor from Lola Valentina

At Lola Valentina, we are ready to help you decorate your event with unique table linens, runners, napkins, chargers, placemats, and more. You can shop our revolutionary design house to mix and match our selection of original designs, or you can work with our team of in-house designers to create a custom pattern that matches your event color palette. Visit our design bar to explore solid color and pattern combinations until you find just the right look for your wedding.

All our items are environmentally conscious and proudly crafted in the United States.

Are you ready to bring your event design ideas to life? Talk to a designer today to get started.

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