2023 Event Trends

By Lola Valentina TeamJan 31, 2023

2023 event trends

Wedding Planner: Aliana Events / Design & Decor: HMR Designs / Photo: IVASH Photography

With the beginning of a new year, 2023 brings a new set of trends that are sure to shake up the event industry. From technology to sustainability, here are a few of the trends that we believe will have the biggest impact this year.


2023 event trends

Planning & Design & Event Management: Magnolia Bluebird Design & Events / Photo:  Eli TurnerFeatured: Morphini placemat chargers

As more events appear on calendars this season, event planners will curate experience-based events to transport guests to new worlds. This will be seen in areas such as retail, music events, and even corporate events. The ultimate goal is for what were once ordinary gatherings to become seasonal events. The continued popularity of music festivals is an example of how we will see this trend in action. Festival and rave culture will continue to grow in popularity as large numbers of young people want to experience them in person. FOMO will drive event planners and hosts to create events that are the envy of those who are not on the attendee list.


Hosts are focusing on creating memorable events by thinking outside the box. Expect to see more unexpected celebrations that break away from norms and traditions such as pet parties, gender-neutral baby showers, silent discos, milestone birthdays, and more. This trend of unique events is driven by the desire to stand out in an age of seen-it-all-done-it-all. 


2023 event trends

BDP Event Producer: Chelsey Lange ⁠Big Delicious Planet / Photo: Becky Brown PhotographyFeatured: Green Delights table runner & Sky Blue Ticking Stripe napkins

With the rise of veganism and concerns about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, we expect to see a continued trend towards plant-based diets in the coming season. This could mean an increase in demand for plant-based options at events and a greater focus on incorporating vegetables and other plant-based ingredients into menus.

With vegetation in mind, we will see events that feature plants as if they were the guests of honor. This season, centerpieces will not suffice as guests hope to see maximalism – greenhouse edition. Imagine a soiree in a large glass-enclosed conservatory, strolling among exotic vegetation and mushrooms while sipping a plant-based cocktail. Guests will enjoy the feeling of reconnecting with nature while also engaging with others at events this season.


With the stresses of the past few years, we expect to see a trend towards wellness events that focus on mental and physical health. This could include no-tech fitness retreats, workshops for new therapy practices such as sound or light, or even cannabis based events like High Minded Events who offers safe environment for guests to enjoy. We will continue to understand the causes and effects modern society has on our overall wellness and how to incorporate them into future events. 


2023 event trends

Left to right:Event Planner: Jamie Ohanessian – VIolet & Bone / Photo: Lance NicollEvent Planner: Sweetgrass Social / Photo: Tim WilloughbyPlanner & Design: Augusta Cole / Photo: Jessica Lorren

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to start planning outdoor events. This season, we’ll see a rise in garden weddings and tea parties inspired by the hit Netflix series Bridgerton. But, why not add a new twist to your event by holding it on a front lawn with a building facade as the backdrop? This combination of nature and architecture creates an inviting ambiance that is sure to impress. Bold statement florals will be a must-have this season, not just as table arrangements but also as table linens, colorful patterns, sculptural elements, and even dance floor prints.  A springtime essential but with a vibrant twist.


As technology advances, we expect to see more events that incorporate the most recent technological innovations. This includes more than just 3-D camera stations, but also virtual reality experiences and even fully virtual reality events. Guests will also expect tech-infused elements to be integrated into event venues. Dynamic lighting displays such as string-light chandeliers, color-changing neon walls, and even full-room projections, as seen at the newest art immersion experiences, will dazzle guests this season with an eclectic mix of texture and color. From experiences to decor, tech is going to have a role in every event this season.


2023 event trends

Photo: Lola Valentina TeamFeatured: Hunter table linen & Hunter Green Botanical napkins

As people become more environmentally conscious, they will expect events to be sustainable and eco-friendly. This means that event planners will need to focus on using environmentally-friendly materials, waste reduction, and carbon offsets. The event industry has already begun to implement some of these alternative options, such as catering with environmentally conscious chefs and decorating with environmentally friendly materials. Event rental products such as linens, chargers, placemats, napkins, table runners, pillows, dishware, lighting, and everything in between will also be extremely popular as hosts and planners seek options that create captivating experiences while having a low environmental impact.


2023 event trends

Designer & Producer: Jassi Lekach Antebi / Photo: P|S Photography & FilmsFeatured: Hot Pink Cherry Orchid placemat charger

The impact of fashion trends on the event industry is undeniable. The Met Gala, which takes place on the first Monday of May, is just around the corner and is a prime example of how fashion and events collide. The theme of this year’s Met Gala is “A Line of Beauty,” a tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld and the legacy he left on the fashion world. Each Met Gala season brings new inspiration for creating events as iconic as what we see on screen. Although we won’t know what will be worn on the red carpet this year until May 1st, fashion trends and their influence on event planning can already be seen.

This season, designers are using unexpected textures such as fringe and feathers combined with ruffles and tulle to create ethereal and dreamlike spaces. Textile texture maximalism will be found in layered table linens, fabric drapery, pillows, and even textile sculpture installations to create spaces that event attendees will never forget. As iconic as the Met Gala, this season’s events will be sure to have the press talking and may even influence runway trends.   

Overall, these trends point to a continued shift toward experiences and technology, as well as a greater emphasis on sustainability and the need for personalized experiences. Event planners can create successful events that meet the expectations of their attendees this season and beyond by keeping these trends in mind.


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