Wedding Colors by Month: A Complete Guide

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing a color palette is an important step in the process. The colors you select will influence every bit of your décor, from the floral arrangements and table linens to the invitations and place cards, so you want to make sure you choose wisely.

Finding just the right color palette—one that represents the happy couple as well as one that fits with the wedding theme—can be a challenge. Many couples and wedding planners choose colors that fit with the season, which is a great way to match your decorations to the tone of the celebration. However, you can go even further by considering colors that celebrate the distinctive properties of each month. Every month is unique; your wedding should be too.Once you decide on a wedding date (or even just the month), you can see which colors best suit that time of year. Our guide to wedding colors by month will help you get started.

Spring Wedding Colors

The theme of spring is rebirth, growth, and life. As the weather warms, flowers start blooming and trees begin to bud. There is inspiration all around you, and a spring wedding color palette should take advantage of this flourishing environment.

For spring wedding colors, think of pastels like lavender, pale pink, soft yellow, and baby blue—all inspired by the natural colors of florals and foliage. Your spring wedding color palette should reflect the natural beauty of the season.

March Wedding Colors

Early March still retains hints of cold, wet weather, so you can choose between the deep jewel tones of winter and the pastels of spring. Or, if you can’t decide, consider both dark and light shades of color that pair well together. For example, silver is a winter wedding color, while sage is a spring wedding color; put them in the same color palette to make a statement.


April Wedding Colors

April is right in the middle of spring—no winter weather here—so now is the time for all those spring pastels. Go for a mix of colorful pastels or, for a twist, you can add in a bold spring accent color.

Color combinations like dusty rose and champagne or periwinkle and peach are perfect for April weddings. Another stunning palette is a mix of mint green, soft yellow, and pearl white, which gives an elegant edge to your spring event.

Sherbet Brushstrokes Pattern 30x30 From Abstract Collection- Lola Valentina High End Table Linen Rental

May Wedding Colors

With this month bridging the gap between two seasons, you can choose from a variety of colors that translate from spring to summer. May is overflowing with color, from green trees to blooming flowers to bright sunshine. Combine traditional spring colors with a few classic summer shades to really make your color palette pop.

Blues, yellows, purples, pinks, and greens are all popular May wedding colors because they are pulled directly from nature. You can stick with peony and sage or give it a modern twist with coral and lime. Throw in a couple of neutrals to balance out the bright colors and you’re good to go.

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Summer Wedding Colors

LolaValentina-Summer colors

Spring has bursts of new growth and pastel colors, and summer takes those colors even further. During this season, nature is bursting with bold, bright colors that inspire more energized color palettes for your summer wedding. 

Beach- and garden-themed weddings are the go-to in the summer months, but if they don’t match your personality, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Whatever wedding theme you choose, summer colors can brighten things up.

JUNE Wedding Colors

In June, your wedding color palette can reflect some of the greenery and pastels of spring while striving for the boldness of summer. Yellow and gray are classic June colors, as are red, pink, and green. Include a mix of both soft and bold colors to really emphasize the turn of the season.  

Yellow Nami Pattern
Hot Pink Cherry Orchid Pattern 30x30 From Amazonica Collection- Lola Valentina High End Table Linen Rental

JULY Wedding Colors

Mid-summer wedding colors should be vibrant and eye-catching, with bright hues and bold shades. Two especially popular July wedding color combinations are blue and orange and yellow and green; you can’t go wrong starting with them. 

You can take advantage of the nostalgia of summertime in July, too. Make your guests think of summer nights and sunrises with coral, lilac, sky blue, and lemon, or throw a bold red into the classic blue and white color combo to make it your own.


AUgust Wedding Colors

August is one of those tricky months that straddles two seasons, so you can pair the bright, bold colors of summer with the earthy, muted colors of autumn. Don’t shy away from contrasting these color groups to make a statement: match gold with burgundy, mango with ivory, chocolate brown with pink and mustard, or deep blue with bright orange. There are countless possibilities.

This month is especially versatile. Whether your wedding is early in August or later in the month on the brink of fall, you can choose from colors inspired by both seasons.


Fall Wedding Colors

LolaValentina-Fall colors

The autumn months have their own natural beauty, with the leaves of the trees turning from orange to red and the earthier, muted tones of the fall foliage. You may be inspired by bustling festivals, flourishing vegetable patches, or the classic foods and drinks of the season; regardless, there’s no shortage of ways to pull colors from the season into your fall wedding color palette. 

SEPTEMBER Wedding Colors

While September has its fair share of cooler weather, it also inevitably has a few days of hot weather, so you can still use some summer-inspired colors during this month. Mix and match a bold summer color with an earthy autumn color to really make your wedding color palette stand out. Examples include dusty blue and coral, burnt orange and gray, dark purple and ivory, or deep burgundy and gold. 

Black Butterflies Pattern 30x30 From Butterfly Collection- Lola Valentina High End Table Linen Rental

OCTOBER Wedding Colors

If you are getting married in October, your challenge is to reflect the colors of the month without falling too far into the Halloween theme (unless that’s your plan!). Oranges, reds, and yellows are great choices that coordinate with the natural beauty of the month, but consider mixing them with some neutral colors or using muted versions to make your color palette distinct from other autumn events.

Caramel brown and burnt orange, burgundy and dark gray, and dusty blue with a muted green and ivory are all good places to start.

Orange Black Orchid Pattern 30x30 From Amazonica Collection- Lola Valentina High End Table Linen Rental

NOVEMBER Wedding Colors

As fall rolls into winter, you can mix some of the earthier colors of this season with the bold jewel tones of the coming months. November wedding colors strike this balance by showcasing autumn colors like rust, burgundy, hunter green, and mocha alongside the deep colors of winter like emerald, gold, silver, and navy.


Winter Wedding Colors

LolaValentina-Winter colors

There’s a reason the coldest months of the year are described as a winter wonderland: The neutral whites and grays of nature during these months allow strong, royal colors to stand out.

During this season, avoid pastels and aim for elegant whites and opulent colors instead.

DECEMBER Wedding Colors

The most popular December wedding colors don’t shy away from the holiday season. Regal colors like jade or royal purple work especially well this month. Monochromatic color palettes, like all whites or whites and reds, are also foolproof.

Flowers may not be blooming in December, but there is still greenery galore, if you know where to look. Incorporate holly, pine, or other touches of nature wherever possible to tie the look together.


JANUARY Wedding Colors

The start of a new year goes hand in hand with the start of a new marriage. 

January wedding color palettes can include both the jewel tones of winter like navy, plum, emerald, and burgundy as well as metallics like gold, silver, and bronze. Another excellent option is a black-and-white palette or multiple shades of one color alongside a few pops of color, which lends itself well to the elegance of the new year. 

And, while pastels are traditionally used in the spring, consider using pale blue or dusty rose as an accent color for a contemporary take on winter wedding colors.


FEBRUARY Wedding Colors

February color inspiration can come from the exquisite winter environment of the month or from the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. Red is an obvious choice, and you can push the romance with various shades of pink and red—a combination that will look striking against the white winter backdrop. 

Additionally, consider choosing a deep winter color (dark purple, burgundy, or emerald) as well as a couple of neutrals (black, champagne, ivory, slate) to bring some much-needed visual interest to what is often the coldest and snowiest month of the year.

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How to Incorporate Wedding Colors by Month into Your Décor

Once you determine your wedding color palette, you can get started creating the wedding of your dreams. Your guests should be able to experience your color scheme from the moment they walk into the wedding venue. Fortunately, there are endless opportunities to incorporate your wedding color palette into your wedding decorations and theme:

  • Curtains
  • Pillows
  • Invitations
  • Place cards
  • Wedding attire

Most importantly, don’t forget the details. It’s the little things that will set your wedding apart from the rest and create a memorable event for your guests.

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