Gen Z’s Influence in the Wedding Industry

By Lola Valentina Team

March 17, 2023

As the newest generation enters adulthood, Gen Z is poised to make a significant impact on the wedding industry. Born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2010s, this young and dynamic generation is known for their digital savvy, socially conscious mindset, and desire for experiences beyond material possessions. In this blog post, we will explore seven ways Gen Z’s values are influencing the wedding industry, including buying power, focus on photo-worthy decor, love of themes, and desire to create memorable experiences for guests.


digital event decor

Event Planner: Sari Sosa Events, Production: GB Sounds, Photo: Karla Garcia Costa

With their affinity for technology, Gen Z couples are incorporating digital decor elements into their weddings. Digital backdrops, interactive tech, digital signs, and video walls are all examples of how technology is transforming the wedding industry. Light show drones are also replacing traditional fireworks being that they are more eco-friendly and less impactful to the surroundings, as well as welcoming and inclusive. Couples are also opting for digital invitations and self-service letters and videos from guests.


y2k theme wedding

Event Planning + Design: Haley Kelly Events⁠, Photo: Ellie Patterson, Florals: The Bearded Florist

Photo Source: Nina Martinez, Photo: Mark Trela Photography, Coasters: Green Vintage Floral by Lola Valentina

Gen Z was born early enough to have been influenced by millennial fashion and entertainment, and they are now bringing back many of those trends in the form of Y2K nostalgia. This trend extends beyond just the 90s and 2000s, as Gen Z is mixing and matching fashion trends from the 60s, 70s, and 80s as well. We will see this trend reflected in weddings through the use of polaroids, old phones for leaving messages, disposable cameras, and VHS cinematography. Additionally, bridesmaids dresses are becoming more unique and varied, and wedding decor is taking a trip down memory lane with bold colors and patterns reminiscent of past decades.


cream flor garden placemat charger
cream flor garden placemat charger
cream flor garden placemat charger

Planning + Design: Sarah Landon, Photo: Pattengale Photography, Florals: Zuri Floral Design, Rentals: Theoni Collection & All About Events

Featured: Cream Flor Garden placemat chargers

Gen Z is opting toward more ethical and environmentally conscious events. They want to collaborate with caterers who use ethically sourced ingredients and who support environmentally conscious businesses. Big Delicious Planet, for example, specializes in stylish farm-to-table weddings and events, film and photo shoots, and corporate meals made with produce grown in their own urban farms. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of rental companies offering high-quality pieces that are both functional and environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of single-use plastic and unnecessary waste.


light blue white blairmorite placemat charger
modern geometric tabletop decor
sky blue ginkgo table linen


1.Event Planning: Elite Events, Photo: Sarah Harris, Featured: Light Blue Blairmorite placemat charger

2.Planning: Ash Best Events, Photo: Colette Marie Photo, Floral Design: Florist Hound Design, Rentals: Nimble Well, Featured: Blue Roma Norte table runner

3. Event Planner: Stunning & Brilliant Events, Photo: Anamaria Vieriu, Featured: Dusty Lavender Butterflies table linen

4. Planning: Lauren Bowles + Stunning & Brilliant Events, Photo: Anamaria Vieriu, Florist: Ordinary Seed, Chairs: Ellie & Rose, Featured: Sky Blue Ginkgo table linen and placemat chargers & Blue Toile Anne’s Lace napkins

Gen Z couples are focused on quality over quantity and paying their own way for their weddings. This trend also aligns with their desire for ethical and environmentally conscious events, as they are more likely to choose high-quality, practical decor that is sustainable and eco-friendly. With smaller friend groups, they are more focused on what matters, such as close friends and family, resulting in smaller, more intimate weddings.


photo worthy decor
photo worthy decor
photo worthy decor
photo worthy decor
1.Designer/Planner:  Pejy Kash Events ,Photo: Jaymo Jaymes, Florist: Adam Leffel Productions, Dress: Carolina Herrera / Rime Arodaky ,Hair: Jacquelyn Walent, Makeup: Pearl Xu
3.Design + Decor: Kehoe Designs & Sophia Lin Kanno, Lighting: BlackOak Technical Productions, Sign: Hunter Green Botanical by Lola Valentina
4.Design and Decor: Erin Victoria Design Collective, Photo: Cassandra Photo, Artwork: EJD Design

Gen Z frequently incorporates both their regular daily lives and special occasions into the digital world. Every significant event, from bachelor and bachelorette parties to the big day itself, will be captured on BeReal in addition to being TikTok ready. Custom decor, such as personalized coasters, and out-of-the-box decor, including neon signs, abundant floral displays, and hanging ceiling installations, will be prioritized. Their constant strive to be creative and unique, while staying true to themselves, is something to think about when planning their weddings.


cuban themed intimate summer soiree

Planning + Design: Baylye Burnette, Photo: Kelsey Halm, Venue & Food: Hotel Haya, Florist: Lemon Drops, Rentals: Gabro Event Services, Invitations: Ashley Frye StudioFeatured: Gold Ginkgo table linen, Green Trellis Flowers placemat chargers & napkins

Creating a one-of-a-kind event has been trending, and Gen Z is especially interested in picking themes and combining traditional and new ideas to plan something truly one-of-a-kind that is also close to their hearts. Custom pattern themes will also be popular, allowing the couple to express their personalities and styles.


memories to last a life time

Event Design: Social Llama Events, Photo: Michelle Rice Photography, Rentals: P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals, Bella Acento, Social Llama Rentals

One thing about Generation Z is that they encourage people to be more considerate and aware of their surroundings, which means they will be very focused on creating experiences for their guests. This includes incorporating experiential elements such as performers at the reception, interactive food stations, and even sketch artists to capture guests’ outfits during the reception. These elements provide guests with a memorable experience as well as something to take home and cherish.

In conclusion, Gen Z is bringing a fresh and exciting perspective to the wedding industry. Their love for digital, nostalgia, ethical values, photo-worthy decor, themes, and creating memories is transforming the traditional wedding planning process into something truly unique and special. As this generation begins to marry, it will be inspiring to see how they continue to influence and shape the industry in the years to come.


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