Planning the Perfect Pink Event

Pink is the hottest color for Summer 2023. Allowing versatility from playful to elegant, pink is the primary color for events all Summer long. Pink is being highlighted now more than ever with blockbuster films such as the Barbie movie hitting theaters this July. From poolside soirees to picture perfect weddings, a pink color palette is sure to create idyllic events all season long. Take inspiration from Barbie and find the perfect event decor rentals at Lola Valentina because this season, pink is for everyday, not just Wednesdays.

Pink Perfection: The Symbolism and Versatility of Pink

Designer + Planner: Lynn Dale Events/ The Bride: Sarah Dale / Photographer: Studio Leon / Venue: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/ Rentals: Peak Event Services + Luxe Event Rentals/ Florals: JNG Event Consulting/ Lighting: Port Lighting/ Catering: Cxra Boston/ Custom Placemat Chargers: Lola Valentina Designs

The color pink has only recently been associated with femininity in the history of humankind. Historically associated with luxury and opulence, pink has more symbolism and versatility than we realize in this day and age. Incorporating pink into the decor for your Summer events creates the opportunity to reinvent the use and understanding of the color.

The Hot Pink Gingko print at Lola Valentina is a perfect example to bring bold uniqueness to your decor as the Gingko leaf represents strength and hope and when combined with the Hot Pink creates a lively, vibrant ambiance.  

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Pink Event Decor for Every Occasion 

Pink isn’t just for the girls these days. Pink is a color for everyone and how it is styled and curated allows an event designer to really set the scene of an overall space . At Lola Valentina we know there is a pink for every mood and scene. Imagine pastel pinks for a preppy east coast soiree, blush pinks for a bridal luncheon, electric hot pink for a tropical rave and everything in between. The possibilities are and the event decor options are endless when it comes to pink.

Designer + Planner: Lynn Dale Events/ The Bride: Sarah Dale / Photographer: Studio Leon / Venue: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/ Rentals: Peak Event Services + Luxe Event Rentals/ Florals: JNG Event Consulting/ Lighting: Port Lighting/ Catering: Cxra Boston/ Custom Placemat Chargers: Lola Valentina Designs

Setting the Stage: Choosing the Perfect Pink Tablecloths

Flowers, Menu, + Coordination: Woodlands Style House/ Catering: Savory Events/ Dishes: Grands Rentals/ Calligraphy: Le Le Lines

When it comes to choosing the perfect pink tablecloth as the base color of your event, it’s important to understand the overall feeling you want your guests to experience. A solid Blush tablecloth and a solid Hot Pink tablecloth both have very different aesthetics even if they are both solid pink linens. Add patterns into the mix and now not only is color setting the mood but design is too. At Lola Valentina we know that design and color are equally important and a pattern needs to complement its design perfectly. Some of our favorite pink designs that showcase the perfect balance of color and design are the Blush Southern Garden, Hot Pink Botanical Garden, and Bubblegum Gingham.

Picking a Pink Event Theme

Theme is an important factor when deciding what kind of pink hue and tone to have throughout your event. 

For a chic and sophisticated pink look a great option could be the Lola Valentina Pink Jacquard print. This is a bold modern print with edge but still a balance of pink to soften the overall look. For coastal or tropical pink a great chic would be to go with either the Blush Malachite Tropicana Print or the Blush Ivory Biscayne Print. Both designs bring modern deco elegance combined perfectly with beachy pink hues. When incorporating pink into a themed event be creative, sometimes it’s the unexpected use of a color that will create the most memorable events.

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Classic Elegance: 

Use light pinks paired with gold and heirloom china for a timeless and elegant table setting

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Modern Glamour:

Pairing pink tablecloths with silver or gray accents creates a modern contemporary tablescape sure to stand out from all other events this season.

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Bold and Vibrant:

Pink compliments and contrasts every other color on the market. Getting creative and pairing hot pink with other bold and vibrant hues to create a playful and high energy event scene.

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Incorporate a light pink or a blush pink into your wedding day for a theme of timeless elegance and romance

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Baby Showers:

Pastel Pink is the perfect color for a celebration to welcome a new bundle of joy. Get creative and use it in a modern pattern or mix with other pastel colors for a heartwarming gathering with family and friends.

light pink brushstrokes table linen

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Celebrating milestones such as birthdays are the perfect opportunity to get creative and playful with a pink color palette and bold patterns. Set the scene for a lively atmosphere and memories to last a lifetime.

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Elevating Your Event with Pink: Renting Tablecloths from Lola Valentina

Using pink creatively in your event decor this summer will have your event at the top of the season’s social calendars for 2023. Embrace bold colors and patterns while finding the perfect visual balance between patterned table linens set beneath solid placemats chargers and a variety of pink patterned linen napkins. With pink at the center of attention this Summer, incorporating the perfect blend of pattern and color will be the key to a successful event and decor. Showcase the power of pink at your next event and check out more patterns and pink color palettes for all of your linen rental needs with Lola Valentina Designs.

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