The Best Patterns for Summer 2023

By Lola Valentina Team May 31, 2023

Patterns are all the rage this Summer, from what we wear, the spaces we create, and to how we entertain. It’s Summer break and now that we are free from winter wardrobes, indoor spaces, and academic schedules, we can let our design choices run wild. The focus for this Summer is to embrace items that spark joy like maximalist aesthetics and parties surrounded by friends. This Summer we are gearing up for the maxed out social calendars we have been anticipating all year long and this season’s pattern design trends will reflect just that. 

Left PhotoDesign: Emily Clarke Events / Venue: Arlington Hall / John Cain Photography / Linen: Lola Valentina DesignsRight Photo:Planner: Elite Events / Florist: Luna Design Studios / Photographer: Matthew David Studio / Venue: Thunderbird Country Club / Event Rentals: Bright Event Rentals / Placemats: Lola Valentina Designs

Summer Color Palettes

Before bringing pattern design into your Summer world, it’s important to define the color palettes for your Summer events. A Summer color palette is full of vibrant, radiant hues that capture the essence of the season. Sun-kissed yellows, tropical greens, and energetic pinks are all palette staples this season. This year’s color trends set the stage for this Season’s Pattern trends of neon accents, electric tropical, and geometric mid century modern motifs.

Right + Left Photos:Event Designer: Nicole Alexandra Weddings / Photographer: Laura Gordon /Venue: NHMLAMiddle Photo: Planner + Designer: Ebony Cattouse Events⁣ / Photographer: Quilz Tamay Flores / Hotel: The Watermark Belize /⁣ Florals: Blossoms Belize /⁣ Table Top Rentals: Glammore Dmc⁣ / Linens + Napkins: Lola Valentina Designs

Bold Pattern Summer Event Fashion Trends

Wardrobe has the ability to make any ordinary day an event. The fashion scene this Summer is ablaze with bright, bold, and neon-color moments. From runway shows to street style, we are seeing a resurgence of florals and mismatched patterns, creating a playful yet chic aesthetic

Fashion trends continually shape and influence our linen designs. Bold tropical florals create an easy going vacation-like feeling all season long. This season, floral patterns are making a big comeback, gracing everything from dresses to accessories. Our ‘Blush Botanical Garden’ pattern from the Garden Collection is a testament to this trend, blending subtle blush hues with intricate botanical designs. The Amazonica Collection, with its diverse range of trending tropical patterns, is a nod to the current love for bold botanical prints. The Geometrico Collection, on the other hand, is a playful celebration of bold shapes and angles. Together, they provide a wellspring of inspiration for fashion-forward event planning and design.

Left Photo: Lola Valentina DesignsMiddle Photo: Planner: Elite Events / Florist: Luna Design Studios / Photographer: Matthew David Studio / Venue: Thunderbird Country Club / Event Rentals: Bright Event Rentals / Placemats: Lola Valentina DesignsRight Photo:

Summer Interior Design Pattern Ideas

Interior design this summer is about bringing the vibrant outdoors in. Wallpaper with floral prints, plant life, and the use of bright, bold patterned pillows can make your home feel like a sun-drenched haven. Pillows with summer patterns not only provide comfort but also add a pop of color and texture, giving your interior space a fresh, seasonal update. So, let your rooms be a reflection of the season’s vivacity by introducing lively patterns and a light Summer color palette. 

Our Garden Collection, with its mix of blooming flowers and leafy designs, captures the essence of summer gardens in full bloom. Consider our ‘French Blue Botanical Garden’ pattern for your pillows – a vibrant choice that will beautifully compliment your summer views.

For those seeking a more vibrant aesthetic, our Deco, Southern Charm, and Flor Collections offer an exciting pop of color and pattern. With their unique designs and colors, they can inject a burst of life and energy into any interior design project.

Party Planner: AHC Events / Venue: The Box House Hotel / Linens: Nuage Designs / Floral + Decor: Konstantinos Floral Design / Caterer: Foremost CaterersGames: NYFF Events / Placemats + Runners + Ceiling Panels: Lola Valentina Design

Event Design

When it comes to event design, patterns and colors play a pivotal role in setting the right mood. This summer, table linens, placemats, chargers, napkins, and runners boasting summer patterns are all the rage. These elements, when combined, can create a cohesive and visually pleasing event design. Whether it’s an outdoor rooftop party or a formal indoor event, the right use of patterns can transform your event into a memorable summer soiree.

For a unique and memorable event experience we recommend going bold and vibrant with our Jacquard linen pattern options. A warm Summer color palette can be a great way to bring together mismatched patterns for a cohesive look throughout an event. This Summer don’t hold back from experimenting with out of the box designs and unique patterns for your event to be the talk of the season.

Each pattern from these collections is unique, allowing for an extraordinary depth of customization. This ensures every summer event, from casual outdoor barbecues to elaborate weddings, can have a distinct, captivating aesthetic. 

This summer, the key to staying on trend is all about embracing color, expressing your individuality through patterns, and taking inspiration from the vibrant beauty of the season. Whether it’s fashion, interior design, or event décor, at Lola Valentina, we have a pattern for every occasion. Embrace the summer with our collections and let the patterns of the season shape your style. Here’s to a stylish, vibrant, and pattern-filled Summer 2023! 


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