Simple Wedding Décor for a Minimalist Wedding Theme

Minimalism. The beauty in simplicity, quality over quantity, the less-is-more approach to design. Is it any wonder that minimalist weddings are a growing trend?Forget any assumptions you have about minimalism. It’s not about removing things you like and leaving an empty space behind; instead, minimalism is about making intentional choices. If towering floral centerpieces, layers of tulle, and extravagant chandeliers don’t match your style, you don’t have to include them in your big day. With a minimalist wedding, you clear away the clutter, eliminate the excess, and only include what matters to you.Simple wedding décor couldn’t be more refreshing.

Minimalist Wedding Themes: Less Is More

For a minimalist-themed event, the focus is on quality—not quantity.

Minimalism is often represented by clean lines, geometric proportions, perfect shapes, and classic, simple color palettes. At the same time, pastel shades, softer lines, and quality design are also a key part of different minimalist looks.

When it comes to minimalist design, the essential thing to keep in mind is that every piece is carefully selected, and every decision is mindfully made; everything needs to be in harmony to complete a simple, classic, minimalist look.

Simple Clear Gold White Placemat Charger

What Does a Minimalist Wedding Theme Look Like?

Every approach to minimalism is unique, which means every minimalist wedding will be different.

During the wedding ceremony, minimalism may mean decorating with sharp lines and pieces that put the attention where it should be: on the couple making their vows. Whether that means limiting floral arrangements to a simple wedding arch or ensuring the soft lighting sets the altar aglow, it’s about incorporating simple, elegant details that tell your story.

A minimalist wedding reception might take advantage of natural light, add geometric decorative elements, and let the natural beauty of the venue take center stage. Whatever your style, you can make the minimalist wedding of your dreams.

Minimalist Wedding Decor

Types of Minimalist Wedding Themes

Minimalist weddings often combine simple décor with influences from other styles. An industrial minimalist wedding theme is where urban style meets natural rustic. Modern takes on minimalism feature striking shapes and geometry. While an elegant minimalist wedding theme will likely include ethereal lines and luxurious fabrics, organic minimalism features lots of lush greenery and white floral accents. As you plan your minimalist wedding décor, don’t be afraid to mix and match elements from other styles to craft a design that speaks to you.

10 Ideas for Simple Wedding Décor and Minimalist Wedding Decorations

When it comes to decorating a minimalist wedding, less is more. Stick to eye-catching, simple, and meaningful décor that perfectly represents your style. Here are ten ideas to help you get started.

01 Select a Strategic Color Palette

Minimalist style favors natural and neutral color palettes. Start with a base color or two—white, cream, light gray, ivory, or black. If the classic black-and-white or monochromatic look isn’t your style, add one or two more colors to the wedding palette.

Start with natural shades:

  • Khaki
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Blue


Lola Valentina Malachite Nami Charger Placemat from Oriental Collection with Organic Wave Forms and Black Dots

Additionally, consider including a deep, muted, noble color to the mix:

  • Navy blue
  • Chocolate brown
  • Mustard yellow
  • Emerald green
  • Burgundy
  • Plum
  • Rust red

You could also use pastel shades to add lightness, weightlessness, and airiness to your minimalist wedding décor:

  • Periwinkle
  • Pale pink
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Mint
  • Lilac

You’d be surprised by how many color combinations fit with the minimalist theme. However, don’t go overboard—too many contrasting shades will distract your guests and pull them away from the calming, simple theme. Instead, select two to five neutrals or colors in similar shades, and then add a bright accent color. 

02 Take Advantage of Textures

After selecting a minimalist wedding color palette, it’s time to play with textures.

Remember that accent color you selected? Display it in different textures—green, blue, or gray will look different when in plastic, stone, glass, textiles, or wood.


Natural materials like wood work well when contrasted with brutal urban textures. Similarly, contrasting neutrals with naturals—like geometric plateware with delicate florals against sharp white linens—is a charming minimalist choice.

03 Look for a Venue That Matches Your Style

For a truly minimalist wedding, find a venue that is a blank canvas—one with lots of light, functional space, and with minimal décor. These venues, either outdoor or indoor, are the perfect choice because you can make them your own.

Simple White Wedding Event Tabletop Decor

On the other hand, refurbished spaces like warehouses and lofts are popular for industrial minimalist weddings thanks to their exposed brick walls, hardwood floor, and copper piping. Similarly, a forest clearing with lots of greenery is perfect for an organic minimalist wedding; you can’t beat that view.

Choose a venue that matches your style and that will be a great backdrop for your minimalist design choices.

04 Use Natural or Soft Lighting

Wherever possible, take advantage of natural lighting. Whether you celebrate outdoors under the sunlight or in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows, your wedding will offer the lightness and airiness indicative of the minimalist style.

When the sun sets, look to soft lighting like candles, string lights, and dimmed lamps to continue the ambiance.

05 Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Flowers

When it comes to a minimalist approach to florals, the options are endless.

You could stick with one bloom and make it the star of the show. Designing centerpieces and arrangements around one type of flower—especially when it pops against dark greenery—is a stunning choice.

Green Floral Table Linen

Dried flowers are another elegant choice. You could hang dried floral stems or arrange dried blooms in a vase.

Single-stem bouquets and centerpieces also go well with the minimalist aesthetic. There’s nothing quite as sophisticated and simple as a solitary bloom in a jar to really make the blossom pop.

06 Incorporate Geometric Elements

Choose centerpieces and decorative elements with geometric shapes to really bring out the industrial urban influences. From the big items like tables and chairs to the smaller pieces like chargers and table numbers, look for sculptural, geometric options to give your wedding a modern touch.

Blush Pattern Design Table Runner and Napkins

07 Simplify the Centerpieces

“Simple” doesn’t mean boring or subdued. Sometimes, it’s the displays that do more with less that make the biggest impact.

Your centerpieces should complement the minimalist theme and align with the rest of the space. You could make one bloom center stage, use greenery or wild grass as a table runner, include potted plants or cacti, or go for a more bohemian look with mismatched vases.

Complement your minimalist centerpieces with other modern décor like tall candles, geometric table numbers, or sharp light fixtures to pull the look together.

08 Build a Meaningful Tablescape

Creating a minimalist tablescape means emphasizing height, incorporating multiple textures, and building intrigue. Start with a white tablecloth or a table runner made from natural fabrics, add tall, thin candles in neutral tones (or geometric candelabras to really draw the eye), choose napkins in your accent color, and add a simple centerpiece.

A dreamy, meaningful tablescape makes all the difference. 

09 Go Beyond the Classic Wedding Arch

Choose a minimalist arch or canopy to create a modern and elegant altar. Consider clean lines, geometric shapes, cascading greenery, and materials like metal or wood. An uncomplicated design will support the minimalist style.


Don’t forget about the aisle leading up to the arch! Pepper the floor with pampas grass, candles, a colorful rug, or potted succulents.

Make sure you mark the place of your wedding ceremony with décor that doesn’t take away from the main event.

10 Pay Attention to Detail

A minimalist approach to wedding décor means that the details are more important than ever. There are no random choices or accents. Instead, everything—from the big picture to the smallest details—are carefully selected, simple, and stylish.

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